Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is essential oil?

As you already guessed from the word itself, essential oil is the essence of the plants containing aroma essence of the plants. The essence can come from the petals, leaves or the wooden part of the plant. Each type of e.o. has its own unique chemical composition similar to the medicine . Therefore, each type of e.o. has its own characteristic in the healing process. HOWEVER, it is important to note that e.o. will ONLY work if its scent is accepted by the user. For example, if you dislike the smell of lavender, you will never find it relaxing and soothing.

Depending on the dosage/amount of the e.o., each essential oil may provide different results! For example, as everyone knows, Lavender has been depicted as something that is for relaxation solely by the general market. However, it can actually act as a Pick me up if you use a high amount of the e.o.. Therefore, it is advised to understand the nature of the oil before you apply them. Another thing though, do not smell more than 5 scent in a two-hour period. Depending on your physical condition, you may feel a little nauseated and sick afterwards. Hence, the worse shape you are in, the sicker you may feel. Imagine consuming 5 different pills at once! When that does happen, just drink plenty of water and it will come out of your system within hours. So don't worry!!

The cream I experiment in the last posting was mainly for people that are suffering from insomnia, nervous tension and stress (Neroli and Benzoin). As for the carrier oil I used, I picked Jojoba, Apricot, Borrage seed and Aloe Vera mainly because they are very light and easy to blend (great for massages by the way), Wheatgerm and Vitamin E for its richness in vitamin. Lastly, I used Chamomile Hydrosoles for its calming effect on the skin. The finished product has a fresh scent to it with a just a tiny hint of wood note (Benzoin).

You can certainly use the burner or vaporizer in order to reach even better result of the calming effect by using Neroli and Benzoin only.

Anyway, there are actually so much to talk about when it comes to essential oil! It isn't just about lotion or perfume. It could be very scientific (chemical composition, medicinal usage...etc) or unscientific (energy of each essential oil). Essential oil can also be part of the study of psychology (personal counseling) or part of the agricultural industry (it comes from plant after all). Anyway, I am looking forward sharing the information with you all in the coming future!

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