Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a little project to amuse myself....

In honor of my very recent emotional trauma (yes, I use the word "honor"), I am going to do a little project for myself and see how essential oil would "help" me.

Well, before I could calm myself down and think clearly, the first thing I did was to call my mom ;p and let myself out...completely. After used up a half of box of clinex drying up my tears, I took a hot comforting bath. I am actually pretty proud of myself up to this point since I haven't reached for the box of sweets I store in the fridge (craving for it though...HELP!).

Now that I am calmer :D, I decided to sample some of the e.o. and see if they can help me to "embrace" my little broken heart. I will be using a few drops of Juniper Berry and Clary Sage for the candle diffuser I placed in the living room. They are both great in calming the nerves and in providing the "euphoric" effects. The results......will be revealed.

I know it sounds pretty insane to believe scents in helping with situation like this, but I am positive and hopeful. However, lets never underestimate the importance of family and friends as well. Thank you mom!

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