Friday, May 7, 2010

Perfume making with Vodka

After abandoning my blog for weeks, I finally got myself in front of the computer thanks to the constant reminder of Annie.. haha.. thank you for reading dear!!

Anyway, this perfume making project was done a month ago but never gotten a chance to write about it. It is super simple.
1) Pick out the blend you like as your signature perfume. Here I picked out Neroli, Orange, Juniper berry, Grapefruit, Clary Sage and Sandalwood. Fine a glass bottle that can hold at least 40ml of mixture.2) Put your E.O. into the bottle. Here I am using a 1:20 ratio (E.O : Vodka), it is relatively low but I find it quite sufficient for my experiment. That is, 30 drops of E.O. (total of the six e.o.) with up to 30ml(g) of vodka. Remember, first E.O. and than Vodka.
3) Now in with the vodka. You can obviously use any types of vodka. The purpose of using vodka is that it doesn't have any type of smell, it is clear like water, meaning it won't interfere with the coloring of the mixture and it helps to dissolve the E.O. Oil cannot dissolve in water but will dissolve in alcohol. However, since vodka only has about 40% of the alcohol, we will still need to shake before using the perfume.4) Now place them into the fridge for at least 7 days.5) This is what it will look like after 7 days. However, you will still need to shake the mixture before use as the oil will not be fully dissolved. (I changed the bottle before realizing that I forgot to take a picture =_=.) Place the mixture in a spray bottle like such and enjoy!!
The scent is quite rich in fact so I suggest you use the E.O. you really like for the blend. It is best to store them in the fridge in order to retain the freshness of the smell. However, I usually need to keep them in front of me in order to remember to use perfume before going out though... XD

Have fun~

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  1. Good Job!
    I am now learning to make perfume too, thank you very much for sharing, but how was the smell that you made? is it good? and how long does it stay on skin?